Pancake Eyes

George stepped to the fallen officer and picked the weapon up and put it into his pocket.  He placed his own .38- an identical match to his ex-wife's along with the scratched off serial number- into her hand, used her zombie fingers to fire it toward the stars and then patted her face(God the feel of those cheeks- pure heaven) and picked up the DVD.  He removed his gloves on the way back to the Camry, jumped inside and crept away.

After a month, the trial was over.  George's ex-wife was in the lock-up for murdering a police officer- touchy stuff.  She brought up her ex-husband's involvement but the facts stood over her like the sword of Damocles.  He just could not be found anywhere.  When they quit their marriage he moved out of state and lived off the grid long enough that no one could be sure where he was at or even if he was still alive.  When he returned to the city, he got his apartment under a false name with a driver's license manufactured in a garage and did not work- only watched.  He never had to work.  His father's investments provided him with an easy lifestyle and his ex-wife enjoyed that life style as well during and after the divorce.  Yet now she sat in prison after her key witness never showed up.  The last word in their relationship was silent but it was his, by God.

George returned to the city, pulled to the corner of Maple and Flour and picked the same pancake-eyed girl out of the same line-up.  She did not recognize him at first.  When she did, it was too late.  The chloroform came through like a champ.

She woke up in his den.  He bound her, but used no gag.  She asked him lots of questions at first.  He just sipped his flask and smiled.  Her voice touched his insides like a feather tickling the flesh.  Eventually, he cut the ropes and told her she was free to go.  And go she did.

However in Las Vegas land, she did not find many options.  She came back to him for money, but he only gave her enough to try and get back to the city.  Her habits sucked her back in each time and each time, she told him about her escapades.  And George loved it.  Her voice and her caked on makeup gave him a breath of renewal.  His ex-wife always paid the most careful attention to everything.  Never a strand of hair out of place.  Always gave him the final word on everything.  This girl lived in her haphazard manner and told George every word to which he gave his trademark response.

“That's right.”

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