Pancake Eyes

He produced two more bills.

“We have a deal?”

She took the flask and poured two healthy slugs down her throat like she was only warming up.  She handed it back to him and took the bills.

“Take me back to my corner.  Drive back by at one.  I'll hand it to you.  Now tell me how to work this gadget.”

George complied.  True to her word, she handed him his prize at one o'clock on the dot.  He offered her a ride home, but she hailed a cab instead.  After all she could afford one now.

An hour later, George pulled into his apartment complex.  He ran into his apartment, played the contents to ensure it captured all the debauchery he had hoped for, burnt the camera's contents onto a DVD and headed back out.  Twenty minutes later, he pulled into a house in the suburbs- a house he once knew quite well.  But since the divorce, he knew nothing of it, except that his ex-wife did keep the lawn in great shape or well, HAD it done.

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