Pancake Eyes

She surfed through the channels with no destination in mind.  For days after, she only sat staring straight ahead.  George tried every way he could to get her attention.  One day he finally took a long walk along the Vegas strip.

When he returned, she was not watching TV.  Instead, she was back at her old profession.  The customer's blue trousers and shirt hung from the chair.  His belt and night stick rested on the floor.  She was making plenty of noise in the bedroom.  George went out to his Camry, retrieved his .38 and entered the bedroom.

She was screaming in the bed by herself.  The man stood in the corner and aimed his pistol on George.  He was not just a cop.  Something familiar lied in his eyes and face.

“You got my brother killed.  Your ex-wife told me.  You think you would get away?”

“Your brother?”

The girl dropped her neglige to reveal a camera strapped to her chest.

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