One More Bankruptcy

Tricia Colbert’s career as a writer is on-going, which includes her fifth article on a popular series, “The Jackhammer Mysteries,” and the robber who survived the cabin fire, Adam Norbert, has remained among the missing to this day. Tricia never had a single lead on him, else she’d have been the hound dog on his trail.


Bio note: Sheehan served in 31st Infantry, Korea 1951-52, graduated Boston College 1956, published 32 books, multiple works in Rosebud, Literally Stories, Linnet’s Wings, Copperfield Review, Eastlit, Frontier Tales, DM du Jour, etc. He’s received 33 Pushcart nominations, 5 Best of Net nominations, sundry other awards. Books include Beside the Broken Trail.  Epic Cures (an Indie Award); Brief Cases, Short Spans; A Collection of Friends; and From the Quickening.  Four books are in production cycle at Pocol Press (Between Mountain and River; Catch a Wagon to a Star; Alone, with the Good Graces; and Jock Poems and Reflections for Proper Bostonians.)




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