One More Bankruptcy

The following data came to light, and ended up in her notes (at which her father pored over, endlessly fascinated.)

From the beginning, Diebold safes used either mortar or plaster of Paris as their fireproofing material. Although there were a few safe manufacturing companies that began using asbestos as their fireproofing material in the early 1900s, there is no record of the Diebold Company being one of them.

Diebold made improvements on their products which included fillings of franklinite, the hardest mineral ore known at the time containing zinc and manganese, fillings made from a combination of alum, alkali and clay, and reinforced with soft steel rods running horizontally and vertically. Outer side walls were made of heavy boiler plate wrought iron. Inner side walls were made of hardened steel. Diebold continually worked to keep contents out of the hands of bank robbers. Several of the company's developments included a triple time lock system on safes in the 1870s, the eventual Cannonball Safe design and the introduction of TNT-proof manganese steel doors in 1890. This latter effort brought Diebold ahead of the newer technically-hip robbers growing by leaps and bounds in the landscape of thievery.

Not disturbed in any way by her new knowledge, except the completion of her notes, Tricia Colbert accepted the delay in notifying the bank of the discovery. “There’s no hurry, is there, Dad, after all this time, and whatever’s in there is still theirs. I don’t imagine a few more days will bother them, though the regular dollar is sure worth more money today. Well, that won’t be part of my article. Let the bank or its insurers figure that out, if it hasn’t been done years ago.”

“You go ahead and take your time, Tricia, and I’ll make sure the vault is moved to another safe house,” at which he laughed uproariously, as much to his own pleasure as well as his daughter’s.

When it all came to light in a magazine article under her name and the first payment in her writing career, she also received a reward from the bank of an unrevealed amount, when an armored truck pulled into the second safe house to carry away the vault and its contents intact as yet.

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