Nothing To Howl At

"But I still go out stalking....."

"Like the girl you chased in the park last month....and got all tripped up in your walker. You can't lope after people when you're trying to in a walker, Harold. You can't even terrify them if you're hobbling after them in a walker."

This was really annoying. Very bad for my ego. I used to be a world class werewolf, but there was no denying that the park incident happened. Embarrassing.

"And the girl even felt sorry for you. Your victim came back and helped you get untangled from the walker and sat you on the bench."

Now that's humiliating for a werewolf, for any bad guy, but so much more for a werewolf. "So, is that it for me, Vanessa? An old, squeaky, stumbling, bald, pitiful shadow of a fearsome werewolf?"

"I'd say so, Harold. When the moon turns full, I'd just stay here and hang out. Remember the good times. The furry hair coming out, the chases, the attacks, the terror. And the howls, Harold, those terrifying howls."

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