Nothing To Howl At

I stood on the back lawn gazing up at the starless night sky. The only light was the thin white crescent of the new moon. In a few nights, it would be another full moon. Would it be another painful failure for me? My mood slipped into darkness like the night. The cool air nipped at me and made me uncomfortable with my thoughts.

Vanessa would call me soon. This time of the month she seemed to watch me more closely. Her voice was low and seductive even when she called to me. And she was still beautiful after all this time. But I'd have to get the courage to ask her one of these days why she didn't show me her consuming passion like she once did.

"Harold." Vanessa's throaty call sounded like a purr right next to me. And so exciting. I wish I had a name that matched her purr, like Roger or Bentley or....ah! well.

"What is it, Vanessa?"

"Why do you always go outside and look at the night, Harold?"

"You know why, Vanessa. In a few days it will be another full moon, again."

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