Nothing Less of Evil

She quickly dressed and went downstairs, went out to the garage, climbed into her car and started it up, but then sat there thinking. She opened her purse and counted her money. Twelve dollars wouldn't get her too far.

She went back in the house, listened for movement from upstairs, but there was nothing. She went into Joey's study. On the wall above the desk was a framed photograph of Joey standing with Dave Beck and Jimmy Hoffa. She took it down from the wall and exposed the hidden safe. She knew the combination; she'd watched him open it enough times.

Inside there were two piles of cash, and a small notebook full of scribbled accounts and loose receipts. She took it all, rushed out to the car and drove away before she changed her mind, before commonsense stopped her from doing this very dangerous thing; for leaving her husband was one thing, but taking money that didn't belong to her or Joey was another; and the people who the money belonged to would not be pleased, not pleased at all. But what choice did she have? She needed money, and now she needed to disappear.

Sooner or later, she knew, they'd come looking for her, but not till the morning, not till Joey woke up. She drove south out of the city along old US 6 towards Cleveland, but she wasn't going to Cleveland, she was going to Toledo. At Toledo she drove to the train station. From there she could head south to Columbus, east to Cleveland, or west to Chicago. She bought a ticket for Chicago. The reason being that the Chicago train was the next train, but also it departed at almost exactly the same time as the train north to Detroit; and that was the train she got on board, back the way she'd come, back to Detroit.

When she got back to Detroit, she took a cab to the bus station and caught a bus north to Bay City, where she arrived just as the city was beginning to wake up. She hid out at a diner for a few hours, then went across the street to the large Albion Hotel and booked in under the name of Miss Spenser.


When the phone rang, Joey thought, hoped, that it was Jenny. It wasn't.

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