Nothing Less of Evil

Kennedy sized up the situation and his eyes focused in on Hoffa. The two men locked eyes, staring hard, and neither backing down. Then Hoffa winked and Kennedy looked away.

"We'll see you in court," he said and then left.

"What the hell was that all about?" one of the stewards wanted to know.

"Nothing," said Jimmy. "Nothing at all."

He couldn't have been more wrong.

This was the beginning of it all; the first in a series of events that eventually led to both men’s demise. Robert Kennedy shot to death at the Democratic convention in 1968, killed by the mob some said, on orders perhaps of Jimmy Hoffa himself; and then Hoffa, seven years later, suddenly disappears off the face of the planet, and is probably buried somewhere beneath it. Some say he got too full of himself, some say he was a relic of the past, an embarrassment to an organization that was changing its image.

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