Nothing Less of Evil

"All of our lives are too intricately interwoven with this union to sit passively by and allow the Teamsters, under Mr. Hoffa's leadership, to create such a superpower in this country - a power greater than the people and greater than the government. Unless something is done, this country is not going to be controlled by the people, but is going to be controlled by Johnny Dio and Jimmy Hoffa and Tony `Ducks' Corallo."


On the local Michigan Radio News: "Grand Rapids Police announced that two bodies had been found in a burnt out car. It was a man and a woman. The fire was so strong however; that it has been impossible to identify the bodies. Yet from information found at the scene, Police believe they are the bodies of Steve Brown and Jenny Mitchell. Two people who Bay City Police had been searching for after a shooting spree at the Albion Hotel in Bay City last night, in which one man was killed and another seriously injured. Police investigations at the scene of the burnt out car are continuing, but as yet they have not come to any conclusions about the case."


Two men stood a little apart from the crowd of onlookers that were watching the police as they worked in and around the burnt out car.

Ted Lucas said, "What about the notebook?"

"What about it?" said Agent Collis.

"Are we going to pass it on to the Kennedy's?"

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