Nothing Less of Evil

It was late but the diner was still open, so they went across the road for coffee and something to eat. They took her booth and spoke covertly.

When he told her that he would not give her up, she could not disguise the smile that worked its way around the sadness of her face. They were in it together now.

It seemed to him that giving the money and the book back was not a solution. They were enemies of the tiger and he wouldn't rest till he had them. There was only one solution: they had to hunt the tiger. They had the weapon, now all they had to do was find the right place to use it.

Surprisingly once they had decided on their course of action, their fears seemed to be replaced with determination. They ate their meals and drank their coffee, feeding off each other’s enthusiasm. Steve had a contact, a journalist, an old friend who probably knew someone connected with the McClellan Committee.

Neither of them heard the big rig pull up outside, or the trucker come into the diner and take a seat at the counter. And as they got up to leave, neither of them saw the way he looked at Jenny.

Back at the hotel, after they spoke for a bit longer, Steve said that he was going to go down to his car to get his address book out of the glove compartment. He went down the staircase, and as he reached the lobby he saw two men walk into the elevator. They didn't see him but he noticed them and one of them seemed familiar. He got out to the car, opened the glove compartment, and as he leaned over he noticed the big rig parked across the street, up beside the diner, and he remembered seeing the guy at the counter; the strange look in his eye. He left the address book, closed the glove compartment, and popped the trunk. Under a blanket was a shotgun. He loaded it and then raced back inside the hotel.

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