Nothing Less of Evil

Kennedy later said that Williams was trying to influence the jury, which included eight black jurors. He said that this was the reason the jury returned a verdict of "Not Guilty". That was the story that Kennedy gave the press and the press repeated in their newspapers. There were others, however; who said that the prosecution lost the case because of a lack of professionalism that was needed in order to convict someone like Jimmy Hoffa. The trouble of course was that Kennedy and his staff lacked the hard evidence that would give their case strength against lawyers such as Bennett Williams.

As a postscript to this trial, Jimmy Hoffa, in remembering Robert Kennedy's promise to jump off the Capitol Dome if he lost the case, sent Kennedy a parachute, and a one word note, that in big letters said, "Jump!"


Back in Bay City, Steve closed the notebook. He was pale.

"Who exactly is your husband and what does he do?"

Jenny told him.

Steve went over to the window and looked down the street. There were two trucks covered in lights rumbling slowly through the town, crunching through the low gears; and Steve realized just exactly how dangerous it would be to get involved with her. The safest thing to do was to give her up to them, but even then how would they know that he hadn't seen the names inside that book. Could they take the risk that he wouldn't tell somebody? But in the end it was Lisa who convinced him. If she had been there she would have helped this woman without question.

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