Nothing Less of Evil

"Well I'm working for an old acquaintance of mine in Chicago, a guy by the name of Eddie Mars works for a guy named Joey Glimco. Ring any bells for you. I guess not. Well I guess I should call Eddie and give him the good news. But I'm beginning to suspect that he asked me to find you under false pretences."

"What do you mean?"

"He said that your husband was looking for you and that he's worried for your safety, but looking at that eye I would say that he isn't too concerned about your health. What I'm saying is that there seems to be more here than I was told about. And I'm not the kind of guy who likes being played for a fool. Know what I mean?"

"Listen, Mister."

"Steve, call me Steve."

"Whatever, but listen up; the only reason that they're trying to find me is because…Well, yeah, I did run out on my husband, but I was dumb enough to take some things with me that didn't belong to me. So how about I give you those things and you give them back."

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