Nothing Less of Evil

As he drove he began to think what he would have done in her situation. Yes, the heat would have been off in Detroit, they would be looking for her elsewhere, but it was still not a safe place to hide out; somebody might see her by accident. No, if he was her he would have kept going. He worked out what time she would have arrived in Detroit. It would have been still early; not too many people about.

He drove to the station in Detroit, out by the Ambassador Bridge, but nobody remembered seeing her buy a ticket from there. Perhaps she had ended her journey there, or maybe she'd rented a car - no, too much information needed for that. What about buses?

Steve headed downtown over to the bus station on Howard Street. It was busy, and it took him a while, but eventually he got what he was after. A blonde wearing sunglasses that early in the morning, may have disguised her bruised eye, but it brought attention to her nonetheless. She'd bought a ticket for Bay City.


When Jenny opened the bag and counted the money, she became very frightened. $17,500 was a lot of money, her husband’s friends at the union were not going to be pleased about losing that.

The ice had brought down the swelling on her lip, and make-up had managed to make her black eye not look so dramatic, so that she had felt brave enough to venture out and eat her meals at the diner across the street. There was an older waitress there called, Ann, who had befriended her, and Jenny really could use a friend just about now.

She hadn't really given her new life too much thought. What was she going to do, settle here?  She knew it would be a long time before they stopped looking for her. What if she sent the money back? She knew they'd still look for her, but maybe not so hard. Maybe Ann could help her get a job at the diner, and then she wouldn't need the money.

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