Nothing Less of Evil

"I'm George Fitzgerald; I'm an attorney, what's the problem?"

The young guy pulled a document out of his inside pocket.

"I'm Robert Kennedy. I'm Chief Counsel for the McClellan Committee, this is a subpoena. I want all your books, records and other papers."

Fitzgerald began to look at the document. The McClellan, officially known as the Senate Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor - Management Field, had been set up by the Senate to look into the alleged illegal activities in the Union Movement. It was better known as the Rackets Committee.

Kennedy and the two other men began to move into the office, the young guy in the white suit began yanking open the drawers in the filing cabinets. Jimmy shoved him away and banged the drawers shut.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" roared Jimmy.

Kennedy turned back to Fitzgerald.

"Who the hell is this? Tell him we've got a subpoena; we've got a right to take away all your books, records and other documents."

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