Nothing Less of Evil

Eddie Mars was given the east side of downtown Chicago. Glimco told him how important it was to find her. He told him to use whoever he needed, pay whatever.

"All we have to do is tell Detroit where she is. It's a family thing, Eddie, a dispute between husband and wife; we're just helping out."

If all he had to do was find her, then there was only one person that Eddie knew who could find her for them. It had been a few years now, but Eddie had seen lights on in Steve Brown's office, so he was sure he was still around. Steve Brown had helped Eddie dig up the dirt on Jeff Harding, the boss of the Harding Grocery chain. Having that information on a person like Harding certainly made it easier to negotiate a deal with him.


Depending on whom you believed, John Cye Cheasty was a lawyer working for Mr. Hoffa, or was an investigator employed by Robert Kennedy. Either way, when Hoffa met Cheasty and Cheasty passed over McClellan Committee documents, Hoffa was unaware that their meeting was being photographed by the F.B.I.

On March 13th 1957, after one of these meetings, Hoffa returned to the Dupont Plaza Hotel in Washington, where he was staying, and was about to get on the elevator when he was approached by five men.

"F.B.I.," one of them said.

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