Nothing Less of Evil

It coulda happened this way...Editor

by Steve Olley

The first time Robert Kennedy met Jimmy Hoffa they almost came to blows.

It happened in Detroit back in the summer of 1956, when Kennedy was Chief Counsel on the McLennan Committee and Hoffa was Vice President of the Teamsters Union. Kennedy showed up at the Detroit offices of Teamsters Local 299, with Pierre Salinger and Carmine Bellino. They turned up with official warrants to search the premises.

Hoffa was in a meeting with his shop stewards, when Kennedy began hammering on the door. A gruff voice cursed loudly, a chair pushed back, and then a thickset tough looking guy in his forties opened the door. Three men stood before him, led by a young guy in a crumpled white suit

“What the hell do you want?” Hoffa said. “I'm in a meeting with my stewards."

"It'll have to wait," said the guy in the white suit. "We're coming in right now."

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