Not Good Enough For Jamie

Two days later, Alan Ford and a nurse entered Jamie’s room. “Well, Jamie, are you ready to see your old self?”

“More than ready. I can’t wait to get back to my old life: the country club, my friends, the Hamptons. Yes, I’m more than ready.”

“May I have the scissors, nurse,” he said and she gave him a pair of scissors. “Here we go, Jamie,” he said, snipped the surgical tape that held the bandage in place, unraveled the bandage, and uncovered her face. The nurse handed him a mirror. “Ready?” he asked and gave her the mirror.

“I’m excited,” she said and looked in the mirror. “No, no,” she screamed. What have you done to me? This is the face of a monster.”

“What are you talking about? “You wanted your old face, and you have it. You look like the person you were.”

“No. This is not my old face,” she sobbed.

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