Not Good Enough For Jamie

Then, a woman  appeared and stood in front of her. “I  was Kerry’s mother. I had a heart attack when Kerry died. “Here,” she said and held her heart in her skeleton hand. Take it. You were happy that Kerry died, and you were happy when I  had a heart attack and died.”

“I’m sorry. What I did was terrible.  I know that now. Forgive me. Forgive me,” Jamie yelled and a nurse rushed into her room.

“Mrs. Downs, Mrs. Downs, wake up.”

“Huh? What…?”

“You were having a bad dream. Are you okay now?”

“Yes, yes, I’m okay,” she said through the bandages that covered her face, and the nurse left.  “What’s happening? The dream was so real. It was as though Kerry and his mother were in this room.”

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