Not Good Enough For Jamie

“Yes. My name is Jaime Downs. I have a 2:00 o’clock appointment with Dr. Wilson.”

The receptionist checked her computer and then gave Jaime some forms to fill out. “Please fill these out, Ms. Downs. Jaime filled out the forms and returned them to the receptionist.  “Thank you, Ms. Downs. Please have a seat. Dr. Wilson will be with you shortly.”

After a few minutes, Dr. Wilson came out. “Ms. Downs, I’m  Dr. Wilson,” he said and they shook hands. Come into my examining room  and we’ll chat,” he said and they entered his examining room. “Please sit on the examining table and we’ll get down to business. So, what can I do for you?

She lifted her veil. “This.”

“How did this happen?”

She told him what happened. “I’m getting taunting phone calls, and I’m even getting horrible emails. People can be so cruel. Anyway, I’m hoping you’ll be able to save me. Here’s a photo of the old me. Can you give me my face back?”

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