Not Good Enough For Jamie

Carla stood and glared at Jamie. “There’s something wrong with you, Jamie. I’m sorry I ever followed you,” she said and left. Then, the others expressed similar feelings and left.

Three years later, Alan and his father received a large inheritance that significantly changed their lives. Alan’s father retired, and Alan was able to pursue a dream, to become a plastic surgeon. Eight years passed, Alan reached his goal, and joined an established firm.

After high school, Jamie went to a prestigious college, graduated, and married into a wealthy family. She and her husband spent the next fifteen years living the good life. While driving back from their house in the Hamptons, they got into an accident. Jamie’s husband was killed, and she sustained a broken arm and severe wounds to her face leaving her disfigured. While recovering at her parents’ house, she decided to see a plastic surgeon. “Maybe a plastic surgeon can give me my face back,” she said and researched plastic surgeons. After finding a reputable practice, she called for an appointment. “She made the appointment, and a moment after she hung up, the phone rang.. “Hello?”

“Hello, ugly. Have you looked in a mirror lately?” Jamie hung up and burst into tears and she told her mother what the caller said. “Mother, people are so cruel. They love to taunt and jeer at the weak. How can I defend myself? I can’t show what’s left of my face in public. I won’t be able to go to the country club. I won’t be able to go anywhere. People will make fun of me. I wish I had died in the accident.”

“Jamie, a plastic surgeon will give you back your beautiful face, and the cruel phone calls and emails will stop. Be patient,” her mother said and hugged her.

Wearing a black dress and a black hat with a black veil, Jaime entered the  plastic surgeons’ office, and went to the receptionist’s window. “May I help you?”

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