Not Good Enough For Jamie

Word spread that Kerry tried committed suicide and his mother had a heart attack at the hospital and died. Alan decided to confront Jamie and went to the cafeteria at lunch time. He stood in the doorway and looked around. A boy passed. “Excuse me. Do you know Jamie Carr?”

“Yeah, she’s the pretty blond over there. She has long, blond hair,” he said pointing.

“Thanks,” Alan said and the boy went on his way.  Alan stared at her for several minutes. “What’s the point? What will I accomplish?” he thought and left.

Jamie’s friends joined her at the table. “Did you hear about Kerry and his mother?” Sara asked. Yeah,” Carla said. “We are responsible, girls. God, what have we done?”

“Jamie,” Celia said, “We’ve done a terrible thing. I’m so ashamed.”

“We didn’t do a terrible thing, Jamie asserted. Kerry was trash, and his family is trash. Would you invite them to your house for dinner? Of course, you wouldn’t. There’s enough trash in the world. It would have been better for us, for the world, if they all died.”

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