Not Good Enough For Jamie

It was midnight when Kerry Ford was rushed into the emergency room unconscious because of a drug overdose. Doctors and nurses tried to save him, but Kerry was gone. A doctor went to the waiting room to his mother, father and older brother, Alan, who stood when they saw the doctor. “I’m sorry. We couldn’t save him,” the doctor said sadly.

When his mother heard the words, she gasped, had a heart attack and fell to the floor, dead.

After the funeral for Kerry and his mother, Alan and his father went home and sat at the kitchen table. “Alan, what made Kerry kill himself?”

“Girls, Dad.  He told me they never stopped taunting him, calling him names. He said it never stopped. They said he was trailer trash, and made fun of us. They made fun of you because you work in a factory.”

“Who was doing this to him?” his father asked.

“Mostly it was a girl named Jamie Carr. Kerry said she was the leader. She’d start, and her friends would follow.”

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