Northern Willow Nightmare

" No you can't get me to leave that easily, it was a nice try, though", Joel said as a quick smart ass response just to irritate him.   He was trying to run him out of dodge. It didn't work, though, it would turn out to be a huge mistake on Joel's part.

Dick Hawkins was promoted to chief by the mayor, he had no qualifications. It was mere favoritism. He had only been on the force for a year. The whole acting Sheriff bit was a favor the mayor pulled. Before that, he was fixing engines at the old diesel mechanic place on Iron Ave. Working for his uncle, in the fall of 2015 his uncle disappeared and was never heard from again. Rumor has it that he killed himself, others say he was killed. I guess it depends on who you talk to.

The problem was that Joel had no idea what was so wrong with his past that he didn't know why Hawkins wanted him out. He moved to Vegas as soon as he left high school. His father was very adamant that he move.  He did not question it, the opportunity to get as far away from this town would be great.  However, expecting to back in town did  not even cross his mind.

Sunfield, Wisconsin has maybe  one thousand people in it give or take during the tourist season. So the dark drive to the north side wasn't a long jog. It seemed long because that is  the part of the town Joel liked to avoid. Taking a trip down memory lane, which are all blurs here and there. Flashbacks of his father in church and visiting relatives in the cemetery .  Even wondering if the church was still there anymore since it was such a dark history of the town, you think they would just bulldoze it.  Guess it was time to find out.

To avoid getting caught by Hawkins,  he went in the middle of the night.  Willow County Cemetery was still there. Since it was like the only one of two  in Willow County. When Joel arrived it was like a ghost town, the first thing he heard was distinct growling noises like dogs were around. Thinking nothing of it, he found some of his relatives. The growling got louder like they were right next to him. It was a balmy 41 degrees after the snow storm.

Northern Willow Freedom Church stood there for the last 103 years.  Joel heard loud voices coming from inside the sanctuary. Joel stood in the cemetery perplexed. " What the hell is that noise"  He saw a tall dark figure suddenly stood at  the edge of the forest.  The growling from before started up again, or maybe they haven't gone away, to begin with. Between that and the growling noises, it was very unsettling.   The dark figure drew closer, He thought he was seeing things. He got back in his car and sped off.

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