No Alarms and No Surprises

Dook was a positive, forward-looking lad and had decided in his wisdom that they would go on to do something together in the real world after they had both survived this thing. He always said Mickey should be the brains and he would be the brawn, the energy. Together they would rule the world.

"I was thinkin' of bein' a porn star."

Mickey could only smile. Although it was fair to say, if you wished to maintain your self-esteem, Dook was not the man to stand next to in the shower. "I remember."

Dook's ideas for life after Afghanistan had been many and varied. "But I was thinkin' the shaggin's alright, but having to do it hour after hour, day after day with them slags? Nah, it'd end up puttin' you off. Might catch AIDS off 'em."


"Nah, imagine old slappers like Jordan wavin' their growlers at you all day long."

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