No Alarms and No Surprises

Dook was a man driven by instinct, not by thought, and his decision was made before he realised it himself. He had seen the thing in the man"s hand and he fired two quick shots into the breast of the dying man.

A low gasp escaped the Asian's throat and it reminded Mickey of his own father's death. Mickey saw the puncture holes in the chest and saw the blood flush gently across what was left of the torn white shirt, slowing now he was dead. For the first time he noticed the room smelled strongly of faeces.

Dook looked down at the dead man and pointed to the thing in his hand, "Is that what I think it is?"

Mickey prodded it with the barrel of his rifle. "Depends what you think it is."

"Could be a booby trap, be careful Mickey." Dook involuntarily moved backwards towards the door.

Mickey reached down and lifted it up gingerly, examining it carefully. In the poor light it took him a moment to recognise that he was looking at a small black MP3 player. There was a dull glow from the little LCD screen on the side of it and he saw it was still working. There was even a track playing.  He looked at the earphone dangling from the dead mans ear but it was daubed with blood and he didn't fancy it.

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