No Alarms and No Surprises

Dook stopped firing. He stood breathless looking at Mickey, his eyes slowly focusing back on him from some distant la-la land. "Come on Mickey, let's go see what's left down there."

Witnessing the effects that an explosion can have on the human body was not an enticing thought, but Mickey braced himself for it yet again. Dook leapt up and scampered off down the left-hand-side of the lane scanning ahead and to his right. Psycho-bunny was back. Mickey took to the right side and covered the left and behind them.

He soon became aware his mind was playing a soundtrack as he moved along; anachronistically it was One Day Like This by Elbow.

When they got to the bridge a hyperactive Porteus appeared from nowhere with barely a scratch on him – Mickey knew somehow, wherever he went, he was always going to manage that trick.

They found enough of Muldoon and the Khadamdar to fill a small bag, but they never saw Digweed again, any of him.


That night in their compound, Mickey whiled away the hours after sunset, as the odours of local cooking dispersing on the breeze. Nearby his mates amused themselves gambling on mortal combat between scorpions and camel spiders, or lit their own farts.

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