Murder in Hyperspace

“Ah!” the CIO said.  “I thought something like that would be the case!”

“Look here, Commander,” LT Long began, “There’s no way Maimes was the murderer… he just isn’t the type!”

“Yet, he is not at the party with his friends,” Summers responded, “Ostensibly because he’s on duty – yet he turns up, in the victim’s quarters, holding both the dead victim, and the bloody murder weapon!”

“Yes, but Commander,” Stuart added her views, “Maimes is just a sweet ol’ Teddy Bear!”

CIO Summers looked up at her.  “I’m sorry; a what?”

The door opened at that moment, and Mr. Silverthorne, flanked by the Pastor and an SP, entered the room.  Mr. Silverthorne had obviously been crying.

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