Murder in Hyperspace

“He’s in charge of Special Acquisitions, sir.”

“Ah, yes.  He’s the one who buys all the alcohol for these soldiers to get in trouble with,” Summers quipped.

“Well sir, he’s also the one who gets the entertainers to come put on shows for us, keeps the library up to date with new releases, makes sure the gym has serviceable  equipment…”

“Yes, yes, Lieutenant.  I am aware all the Acquisitions Officer does.  It was only a little joke.  Sort of.

“Mr. Hwan,” Summers had turned back to the Ensign, “You said Ens. Maimes was holding Ens. Silverthorne’s body up:  Can you tell me how he was doing so?”

Looking a bit puzzled by the question, Hwan responded, “Well, he had his arm around her waist.”

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