Murder in Hyperspace

All eyes suddenly fell on Hwan.  Silverthorne’s were slitted and full of hatred; Stuart’s were wide with surprise.

The SP, finally recovering from his own surprise, began fitting the handcuffs on Mr. Silverthorne.

“Had you been a little more patient,” Summers continued, addressing Silverthorne again, “you would have caught your wife and the lover you knew about together!

“Poor Ensign Maimes – our ‘Teddy Bear’” he bowed to Stuart, “ – sneaks away from duty, probably with the help of a work-mate, to meet his lover for their tryst.  But what?  He hears his lady scream, and runs to the rescue!  Only to find already dead.  He picks her up.  A non-lover might have lifted her head at the most, but not the intimate placing of an arm low on her body!  Surely, he wanted to hold her one last time.  To weep over her.  But, no.  His friends burst in, find him holding her, the murder weapon in his hand!  He probably does not even realize he has pulled it from her body!”

He turned to LT. Long and added, “Your friend ‘is not the type’.  As the young lady says, he is a ‘Teddy Bear’.  That is why he mistook their dalliances as act of love; for surely, he was in love.

“Not so, Ensign Hwan, who is crude enough to extract her personal door code from her!  No, he is in it for the sex; as Mrs. Silverthorne obvious wanted it to be.

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