Mr. Rempel

Now Laura laughed. “You don’t sound concerned.”

“It was my idea to move into a fixer upper in the boondocks. Imaginary playmates come with the territory.”

Once the workweek began, Jill forgot about Mr. Rempel. Their old longhair cat, Princess, had to be rushed to the vet. Bouncer chewed up her favorite silk blouse. And at the office, one of her clients turned out to be straight from hell, snarkily rejecting every logo design she created. Twice, she picked up Chelsea late from day care.

The weekend came none too soon. Before noon Saturday, she coaxed her daughter into taking a walk with her and Bouncer, a young mutt rescued from the shelter. Chelsea seemed distracted.

Then the girl said, in a dark voice, “Bouncer better be careful, sticking his nose all over.”

Jill shrugged. “That’s what dogs do.”

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