Mr. Rempel

This time, she brought the bat’s yellow barrel down faster, though not as hard. She scored a glancing blow. The creature screamed and clutched its arm, then toppled over. It leaped up, then slipped in the cat’s blood.

“You ugly little bastard,” Jill muttered, and swung again.


She struck him directly. His head crushed like an old peach pit. A little green tongue flew out and he barfed up pieces of her cat’s organs. He didn’t move at first, then weakly held out a hand. So she whipped the softball bat around and whacked him once more.

After that, he didn’t move at all.

“Mr. Rempel, I presume,” she said, her voice shaking badly. “My daughter told me all about you. She got one thing wrong. She said there are creatures uglier than you. I can’t imagine that.”

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