Mr. Rempel

Amid all this, steeped in grue, crouched a small creature who looked sort of like a man. He was less than a foot tall. Something like pubic hair sprouted from his scalp. Veins criss-crossed his scrawny arms. His eyes bulged with a crazy intensity. Scaly patches covered his skin.

He was munching savagely on the cat’s viscera, as if he hadn’t eaten for years. He murmured and gabbled with satisfaction, then spied Jill.

His dark eyes glittered.

“A shame about the cat,” he said. “At least she won’t go to waste.”

“You disgusting piece of—” Jill slammed down the bat, but the little man nimbly jumped aside. His eyes darted back and forth.

He’s looking for a weapon, she thought. This sick little creature is going to try to kill me.

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