Mr. Rempel

All was going according to plan, when Jill made a terrible discovery.

They had just returned from Target with camp supplies—a compass, float board, khaki shorts. She refilled the cat’s plastic food bowl and clicked her tongue. Princess didn’t stir. Jill went over and gently stroked the soft white coat, but got no response.

Tears stung her eyes. She laid Princess in a small box, on an old sweater.

That evening, she saw Chelsea carrying the box that held Princess down to the basement. Her daughter looked like a marcher in a funeral procession.

“I’m sorry,” Jill whispered. “She had a good life.”

On Sunday, they made the hour-long drive to Lake Wannatobee Summer Camp. Registration went smoothly. Afterward, they toured the grounds with a counselor. Chelsea just gaped at the rambunctious children. Then she gave her mother a mechanical hug in parting.

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