Mr Frosty

I remember I lay in bed atop the covers sweating and turning from side to side to find a position that worked.

When Tracey was still in the house it was easier to find a position.  There had been a certain order.  An understanding.  I had my side of the bed (left) and she had her side (right, like with everything else about her, always right).

But now that Tracey lived with Martin over on Maple Avenue, just across from the elementary school and not too far from what would be the new Piggly-Wiggly, I was left to try and find a position in bed that worked.   I moved over and took her side.

Seemed right.

She took everything else from me.  I might as well take her side of the bed.

I punched the pillow a few times to soften it and then tried to get the last three hours of sleep in before I had to get up and shower and get Tammy ready for school.  It was my week with her and we were still working through it just being me and her every other week and alternating holidays.

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