Missing Marcy

The car was packed full of stuff but there was no sign of dad. Mum didn’t answer when I kept asking where he was. She started the car and I shouted that we couldn’t go without dad. But then mum yelled, “We’ve got to go now!” and kept on driving.

In my new school, I’ve got no friends. I want to ask mum when dad’s coming but nearly every time I look at her these days, she makes that face where she presses her lips together so tightly they go white. I think it’s best to keep quiet. I dream about him still looking for Marcy and then coming to tell us he’s found her and to take us back home.

When I walked past a play park full of kids on the way home one day, I burst into tears. At home I told mum how much I missed Marcy and dad, how I wished, wished every second and with all my might, that the bad person would give Marcy back. Then we could go home and everything could go back to normal.

That’s when mum told me that we could never go back to the way things were because Marcy’s in Heaven now. She said that, however hard it was, I had to forget about her and dad. Then she grabbed me by the wrist and I screamed as she dragged me upstairs and shoved me into my room. The thought of Marcy in Heaven made me cry a lot. I’m sure I’ll be sad about her every day until I die, just like her mum.

Today, in circle time, we had a talk about strangers and staying safe. I wanted to tell the class about Marcy, only mum said I must never mention her name again and I always do as I’m told. I don’t want mum to get the pictures out to show me the horrible things that happen to naughty children. She still does it though because even when I try my hardest to be good, she still says I’ve been difficult.

The first photo I ever saw is of a blonde-haired boy. Mum said she had seen him being naughty before he wandered too far from his mum while out shopping. Another one is of a girl with bright red hair. Mum said she was a Brownie who knocked at our door one day and was stupid enough to come in to a stranger’s house. The third is of a gap-toothed girl I remember playing with once when we went on a camping holiday. There’s a new one now. It’s of a very pretty girl with black curly hair and green eyes.

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