Missing Marcy

I was busy painting a picture when mum turned up at school. She had never done that before. She was with Vicky, the police lady. While Vicky whispered in my teacher’s ear, I ran over and gave mum a big hug. Mum took me out of the classroom into the corridor where there was a real policeman in a proper uniform. Mum spoke quickly, “You’re not in any trouble, but the police want you to go into a special room they’ve got where there’s a video camera. They need to record what you say to Vicky.”

Mum had to wait outside while I sat with Vicky in a room with cartoons all over the walls. We chatted for ages. Then she told me to think hard and tell her everything I could remember about Marcy.

I told her about how we played together after school every day before tea, except Wednesdays when Marcy did ballet. Unless it was raining, we’d always go and play on the swings. Vicky asked if any of the other kids’ dads were ever there and how often. I told her I could only remember Robbie Sullivan’s dad pushing him on the baby swing some days.

She asked me about Marcy’s dad. I had only ever seen him at Marcy’s house when he was off work with the ‘flu, and he was always really grumpy. I couldn’t remember him coming to the park, not even once. Then she asked me about my dad, and I told her all about how friendly and funny he was. He’d come to the park if he was home before tea. He’d make us laugh and whenever he got sweets for me, he’d get some for Marcy, too.

“Did Marcy ever tell you she had been in the park with your dad when you weren’t there?” Vicky asked.

“No,” I answered. I held my tears back as I thought about dad in the park with Marcy instead of me; she was so much cleverer, funnier and prettier than me with all her black curls and green eyes. She was braver as well. I would never go anywhere without asking but Marcy did. She was never scared of doing whatever she wanted. I wonder what it’s like to not be scared?

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