Missing Marcy

“At school today,” I answered.

“And what about after school? Wasn’t she playing in the park?”

I could tell this lady already knew: all the kids from our street play in the park after school - it’s in the field that runs along the back of our houses so our mums can watch us while they’re in the kitchen making tea. Marcy would normally beat me there but she hadn’t that day so I sat on a swing and waited. Then Amelia turned up with her crowd and told me to get off it. I had had to, because Marcy hadn’t been there to tell them to get lost.

I shook my head, “No, Marcy wasn’t there today.”

She asked me if I had seen any grown-ups hanging around near the park – anyone I hadn’t seen before.

I shook my head and started to cry again as I pictured Marcy skipping off with a bad person. I thought about how I don’t want my mum to be sad, not even for a minute, so I would never speak to a stranger but Marcy never took any notice of what her mum said and never did as she was told.

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