Inside her front door, Catherine reached into her pocket and removed a miniature jade Buddha. Wealthy enough to buy a boxcar of trinkets, she couldn’t fathom why she’d stolen it from Chan’s China Shop. She’d never done anything crazy in her life, and she was amazed one of the Chan’s hadn’t caught her. Leaning against the door, she turned the figurine over then was startled by the doorbell.

The downstairs maid rounded the kitchen corner.

“I’ll get it, Marta,” Catherine said. She signed for a vase filled with a large bouquet. She placed the flowers on the foyer table, excitement saturating her voice. “These are lovely, aren’t they Marta? Gerald hasn’t sent me flowers in simply ages.”

Catherine, smiling broader than she had in some time, read the card silently: I saw what you took from Chan’s China Shop.

Her smile evaporated.


That night Gerald put his briefcase in the foyer. “Marta,” he called. “Where’s Catherine?”

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