What happened then? Well, as the days passed by, Mr. Whitmore didn’t let it go. Instead, he complained more and more. He said that the stench was getting worse, and that he could smell it coming from my apartment. He said it was unbearable, and he was sure it was coming from Miles! He said that if I didn’t get rid of the stench, he would do it himself.

When was that? Do you mean the exact date? I think it was two days ago.

Yes, that was the last time I saw him before this morning, when he broke into my apartment.

What happened? It was very awkward.  I heard a knock at the door, and I opened it. Then Mr. Whitmore just pushed me aside and entered into my apartment. The man seemed possessed!

No, he didn’t say anything, but I knew he was there to take Miles away. I could see it in his eyes. That’s why I took the chandelier and hit him. I couldn’t allow that. I couldn’t let him take Miles away from me. Miles is my best friend, my only friend. Couldn’t Mr. Whitmore understand that? I don’t have anyone else in the world but Miles. He is my cat and I love him! What if he threw a dead rat on the man’s door? I don’t care. What if he smells bad? I don’t care either. And I bet Mr. Whitmore would smell much worse than Miles if he also had been dead for two weeks…


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