Yes, Officer, I understand you need to know what really happened. But even so, I don’t think…

Very well, then. Since you’re insisting so much, I will tell you this: I can’t say for sure what Mr. Whitmore would do with Miles if he had taken him from me, but I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t see Miles again.

Why do I say that? Because Mr. Whitmore hated Miles. He always did.No, I don’t know why! I mean, I can understand when somebody says he prefers a dog instead of a cat, because that’s a matter of personal preference, and although I think a cat is worth a dozen dogs, I can understand it. But that was not the case with Mr. Whitmore. It was not that he wasn’t a cat person, he really disliked Miles.

Previous incidents? Well, I wouldn’t call them incidents, but yes, there had been some awkward situations before. Since Miles was a kitten, Mr. Whitmore had always complained about him. He blamed Miles for everything wrong that happened. I remember once when he found a dead rat at his front door and insisted it had been Miles who had put it there. Nonsense! It could have been any cat. But he was sure it had been Miles. He was so angry then that I became worried he would have a stroke… His whole face turned red. He even yelled at me! I also remember another time…

Sure, Officer, let’s focus on these last weeks. I apologize for wandering so much, but my mind just isn’t what it used to be anymore. It’s the age, you know? The brain cells start dying. I know because I watched a TV show about it on Discovery Channel, and they explained it all… but here I go again. I’m sorry. You wanted to know about these last weeks, is that it?

Any recent incident? Well, now that you mentioned it… yes, there has been one. Mr. Whitmore complained of a bad smell. He said he could feel it from inside his apartment and, of course, he blamed Miles for it.

When? Let’s see… I think it was about ten days ago.

What did I do? Well, nothing. I just ignored him, as I always do. What else should I do? I know that Miles smells a little, but I don’t care. He is my friend, right? Besides, it was none of Mr. Whitmore’s business.

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