Maude's Deceptions

“If you feel that way about me, don’t come to visit,” Godfrey James yelled as the guard led him out of the Trenton Prison’s visiting room.

Alex James grit his teeth. After an argument with his estranged brother, Alex didn’t relish battling the rain to return to Manhattan. He’d be better off finding a cheap place to stay and getting something to eat. He could head back to the city the following morning. Good thing his boss knew that he was here. Ashamed of brother’s incarceration, he’d told Mr. Alcot that he checked in on his ailing aunt every Friday afternoon.


Alex hurried to the ticket counter in the bus station. “It’s pouring out there. When’s the next bus?”

“Sorry son. You just missed it. The next one isn’t until very later in the evening,” the agent replied.

Alex would have to go with Plan B.

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