Many Beans Necessary

When he had called her up hours earlier, he told her he was going to be a rich man but he had to celebrate with somebody first.  And he wanted that somebody to be her.  She should feel so special.  Right?

Adam made decent money at the firm, but he also had a lottery habit.  A habit that had finally paid off.  He purchased a ticket that rewarded him a hundred thousand dollars.  And the idiot actually had the ticket in his pants.  She searched the pockets earlier and discovered the ticket, but replaced it.  At first she thought maybe she should just grab the ticket and run.  Nope.  That would not be good enough.

She opened his cabinets and pulled down two plates.  On each she placed a helping of the shrimp and a side of green beans.  She then poured a special little dose on his green beans and set the plates down on the dining room table.  She poured two glasses of Merlot and lit two candles.  Quite a lovely scene.

Walking back to his bedroom, she poked her head around the corner to find him beginning to stir from sleep.

“Come.  Come, dear.  Dinner is served.”


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