Many Beans Necessary


Normally when she visited Adam, they would make love and then she would spend the remainder of the visit dressed only in one of his dress shirts.  She had to admit she looked pretty damn irresistible in the thing.  Her legs were her best asset.  However tonight she placed her dress back on- belt and all.  She did keep her shoes off but this would not be like the other times.  For things had changed.

Their affair began a year before.  Myra worked as a secretary for an accounting firm where she met Adam.  He was only twenty-five with no wife or children yet.  However he did have a reputation for being a bit of a philanderer but she did not mind.  She figured she could change him if she wanted.  Although she had gone through three failed marriages, she did not see herself marrying Adam.  He could just be like a boy toy, but she would be in control at last after giving up control to those three jerks she chose to marry.  This time she would hold all the cards.

Myra had never been a good poker player and Adam soon taught her how men could be so good at it.  They had their fling at the same beach house.  He actually lived in an apartment in town, but they spent a few weekends at the beach house together.  They sipped wine and ate wonderful meals usually consisting of seafood along with Adam’s favorite vegetable- green beans.  He would suck the damn things done like a newborn with fresh milk.  Myra found this cute at first, but it grew annoying fairly quickly after that.  Yet she dealt with it because the times they spent were great and the sex had been amazing in the beginning.

But over the months, he indicated he wanted to see other people.  She asked what she had done or where things went wrong, but he never would say.  He just gave her the old “It’s not you.  It’s me.”  She felt horrible about the whole thing, but then he called her up one Friday night and invited her out again.  While she knew it would be a mistake she went anyway.  And then he left her alone for a while.  And then he would come around again.  But then he would lose interest for a while.  This was the way it went.  She never saw his apartment.  She never met any of his friends or family.  She was just his throw away woman.  She decided that she was done with men unless he called her up again and she would have her revenge.  Only now the revenge would be better than she could have hoped.

She thought she heard him stir as she stood in the kitchen.  She poked her head around the corner, but saw no sign of him.  She shrugged and returned to stirring his favorite vegetable in a sauce pan on the stove.  Along with that, she had fried a basket of breaded shrimp and opened a bottle of Merlot.  The kitchen had a nice aroma working.  She breathed in while grinning to herself.

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