Many Beans Necessary

“Um.  Let me get you some more.”

He protested, but she returned to the stove just out of his line of vision.  She tossed in the last of the cyanide, took out another plate and piled them on.  She walked back into the dining room and set the plate next to Adam’s.

“Now you just eat as many as you want.”

“Really, sweetie.  Don’t think I can hold anymore.  Excitement like this kills my appetite.”

She thought of all the things she could do.  She optioned for the weapon all men bowed down to.  She sexily picked up one of the poisoned beans and aimed it toward his mouth.  This could be her last chance.  She felt her heart leap inside her chest.

He took it.  And another.  And another.  Ate both plates like a pig.

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