Many Beans Necessary

She handed the bags over to him.  As she went inside, she peered behind at the yard and the night.  Just her and Adam and the waves.  Just the way she liked it.

Before he proved to be another snake.  The type who romances her into feeling something and then treating her like the random call girl.  Well, like her mother always told her: “Honey, they will cost you everything.”

Once inside, Adam could not keep his hands off of her.  While sex was not exactly what she had in mind, she figured one more go would be just fine.  They scrambled to his bedroom and clothes were tossed about here and there.  Actually she felt differently about her initial plan when he called.  Maybe there was something sweeter about him now.  He held her closer while they made love.  He looked into her eyes the way she liked.  She thought she might just abandon her plan to give him another chance.

But once the deed was done, he rolled over and fell straight to sleep.  No words.  No excitement.  Just another pig she had let ride her.  She shook her head, walked into the bathroom and took a long look in the mirror.  Forgive him?  He’s changed?  Nope.  She had the food and the secret weapon.  This was going to be Myra’s night.



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