Many Beans Necessary

Myra Gunness knew her forty-seven years on this earth counted for something to friends, family and those she helped out but she meant nothing to the men she had acquainted.  She had learned to deal with this until she met Adam Parkey.  He swooned her just like the others and became just as flighty when she wanted to be closer to him.  Yet she had a means to get back at him and given the phone call she had received only an hour earlier, she knew the dish of revenge had just grown sweeter.

Much sweeter.

She cruised along the highway with a strange smile on her face.  The kind of smile she wore while staring out the window of her one bedroom house at the squirrels playing about in her yard.  She turned the wheel through the curves.  All the while she hummed even though the radio was turned off.  A little tune she learned long ago from her deceased mother.  It got the old lady through the hard times and it got Myra through them as well.  She smiled as she eased down the driveway of Adam’s beach house.  The waves swashed against the rocks as she got out, carrying three packed bags of groceries.  She nearly tripped when she swung the car door closed with her black high heel.  She regained her balance, walked to his front door and rang the doorbell.

“Oh, Myra.”

Adam leaned closer to her as soon as the door opened.  She giggled as they engaged in a passionate kiss.

“Adam.  Adam, dear.  I have groceries.”
“Oh?  You making dinner?  Wonderful!!  Let me help you.”

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