Mama Don't Mess with Me

He come so close to me and I could smell aftershave.  “Your Rhonda ain’t what she seem to be.  Know them black Muslims, the ones always talkin about goin to Syria or whatever?  Cept they all talk and no money.  I know Rhonda been gettin cash from the man for keepin an eye on terrorists.”


“She a snitch?”  That was as bad as him sayin she had AIDS.


“She a paid informer.  Cops or DEA or whatever collared her for carryin smack, and they turned her.  The man comes up to her now and she spills her guts about everythin she see.  Specially bout those homeys play actin terrorism.  Man, I love this country beside all the fact I can’t get no job and the landlord leanin on me and my old lady….   But those homeys are some mean muthas I don’t wanta know.  Rhonda’s the one got their balls in her hand.”


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