Mail Order Bride

Disgust! A look of disgust came over her lovely face and I nearly turned away in shame. What must she think of me? How could I disappoint her in this manner on the very first day of her life; of our life?

“Are you telling me that I must name myself?”

I nodded.

She laughed then. Not a simple carefree laugh one might issue to put another at ease, but a hateful, disdainful laugh, seemingly intended only to injure. And the words that followed struck me like a fist.

“How pathetic!” She looked around the room, appraising every accoutrement. She raised herself to a sitting position and snapped, “I’m hungry. What is your name, if you know it? And help me to my feet. Don’t just stand there with your chin on the floor, little man. I am hungry!”

I raced to her side and took her hands in mine. “Careful, my love.”

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