Mail Order Bride

I saw it then. Nearly missed, in fact, the gentle rising of her bosom. The silk gown in which I had dressed her that morning stretched tight across her chest as she breathed. In. Out. In. Out. Her eyes fluttered open and after a moment of searching found my own. Her lips parted and a precious tongue flicked out to wet them. Her first sound was a tentative croaking, followed by her first four words.

“What is my name?”

What? A name? How could I have forgotten? I did not know how to answer, I was not prepared. I had thought of eyes, hair, teeth, skin and lips, but never considered that my love would need a name.

“You do not know? Are you of little wit?”

What must she think of me. I could only stand and stare, my mouth hanging open before her. This was not the grand introduction I had dreamed of. She had not raised her arms to beckon me, thank me for her life, or swear her undying love to me. I had prepared for nothing else.

“I,” I stammered, “I do not know, my pet. I was not told your name. Perhaps you remember, or could choose your own?”

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